The Tohoku/Hokkaido Car Related Technology Exhibition


Emlyn here.

On Febuary 2nd and 3rd, The AP TECH team and I attended the Tohoku/Hokkaido Car Related Technology Exhibition in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture.

The goal of the exhibition was for companies and organizations from Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Niigata to present their latest technology to companies in the Tokai region, including the TOYOTA Group.

The main product we introduced was LEOCS  , AP TECH’s newest creation. It’s a revolutionary data transmission technology that will help prevent car theft and allow car owners and makers to find and fix problems before they happen.

It was great to talk to all the attendees who came to our booth.I love making connections with other people passionate about improving the world through technology.

Come say hi at our next exhibition, I look forward to meeting you!



I highly recommend the famous 4-way eel called Hitsumabushi if you go to Nagoya. We had some before heading back to Iwate and it was incredible.