Google Cloud Graduation

We’re happy to announce our graduation from Google for Startups Cloud Academy APAC program.

Over the last 12 weeks we’ve received tailored mentorship and ample practice with all that Google has to offer.

AP TECH was one of three start-ups picked to present

Taking advantage of this opportunity for growth, we’ve updated our architecture to streamline our data flow and maximize efficiency. Our improved architecture follows a stepwise plan to incorporate Google Cloud tools as we scale up. This will ensure consistency and security as we expand. We’re excited to unveil all our hard work at future events.

Thank you to everyone who made this program possible. We’re honored to have been a part of this incredible group of innovators.

Emlyn accepting our graduation certificate

Although Google for Startups Cloud Academy APAC is over, we’re certainly not done with Google’s ecosystem. In addition to utilizing Google Cloud tools, we’ve been selected for their residency program. So we’ll be spending a lot more time in Tokyo.

We look forward to seeing you at future Google events!

Our Certificate of Graduation