Successful Meditech and Transportation PoCs

On September 4th and 5th, AP TECH successfully executed two PoCs (proof of concept) with our LEOCS software system.

The goal was to demonstrate the viability of a LEOCS based solution in the drone, healthcare, and transportation sectors over public LPWAs like SONY ELTRES and SigFox.

Current LEOCS prototype

On the first day, we assessed how LEOCS could be used to support online medical services in remote areas. In rural communities, doctors often must come from far away in order to provide patients with both the medicine and one-on-one care they need. This means that doctors see fewer patients due to travel time, and patients don’t see their doctor as often as they should.

Delivery Drone

To remedy this, AP TECH has put forth a solution wherein the patient’s medication is sent via drone or delivery. LEOCS devices are included in all of the packages in order to assure the security and location of the medication. This allows doctors and patients to communicate over video, increasing both parties’ quality of life.

Carried out in Tayama, Iwate Prefecture, all the doctors, patients, and caregivers were able to follow the location of the medicine using only LPWA networks. A first in telemedicine.

Driving through the rain
Driving in dense forest

On the second day, we drove up the Hachimantai Aspite Line, testing if LEOCS could track the data of a car exclusively over public LPWA networks.

A rural mountain pass, the Aspite Line has large sections of road without cellular signal. Traditional GPS services often won’t work over portions of the route. Attaching our LEOCS device, we drove a truck up through the rain to validate LEOC’s remote tracking capabilities in non-LTE areas.

The success of these two PoCs demonstrate the work the AP TECH team has put into developing and refining cutting edge data transmission solutions for non-LTE areas.

AP TECH’s efforts are part of a larger DX movement called Society 5.0. On September 26th, we will be hosting an event in Iwate Prefecture where technology leaders will come speak on the role of technology in developing a better future.

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