An Afternoon of Innovation: 3rd Annual Hachimantai Meditech Valley Symposium

On September 26th, the 3rd annual Hachimantai Meditech Valley Symposium was held. This event focused on data innovation in the medical, transportation, and drone industries. With four speakers on the cutting edge of their respective fields, all attendees were sure to come away inspired.


We began with Dr. Mochizuki, the head doctor at Hachimantai Municipal Hospital. In his presentation, “Telemedicine in Rural Japan”, he spoke of the declining number of doctors and the increasing needs of his patients. He sees telemedicine to be a vital tool in preventing strain on Japan’s medical systems in the future.

Dr. Mochizuki

The next speaker was Mr. Ichiro Onishi. Director of AP TECH, he spoke on creating data transmission software that functions without cellular coverage. To learn more about this technology, please checkout this post.

Mr. Onishi

Our third speaker was Mr. Soki Ohmae, co-founder of Drone Fund. His talk focused on the future of drones and how they might serve as a lynchpin for the revitalization of non-cosmopolitan areas. You can learn more about the efforts of the Drone Fund HERE.

Mr. Ohmae

The final speaker was Ms. Yumi Ueno. An executive officer at Google Cloud Japan, she introduced different Google Cloud based solutions for the digitization of rural areas. Her insights offered tangible solutions to some of the issues Dr. Mochizuki brought up earlier in the symposium.

Ms. Ueno

The 3rd annual Hachimantai Meditech Valley Symposium was a responding success. We appreciate all our amazing speakers and staff who helped make this event possible. And thank you to everyone who attended both in person and in the livestream. We couldn’t have done it without you.

If you couldn’t attend or want a rewatch, you can check out the livestream recording HERE.

※The first video is missing some sound. Please wait for us to add subtitles.